Merchandise Vendors:

BAAM NOVELTY / (children’s toys, hats, joke items, bubble blowers, trumpets, ninja swords, and light up swords)

DONEGAL IMPORTERS / (100% products from Ireland – Capes, shawls, hand knits, and Irish caps)

EIRE’S IRISH GIFTS / ( gifts, clothing, throws, china, jewelry)

FORK ART JEWERLRY / (Jewelry and accessories made from antique silverware and stones)


IRELAND ON THE ROAD / (Guinness, Irish, clothing, rugby jerseys, gaelic football jerseys, Guinness pub signs, children’s rugby jerseys)

IT’S IN THE BAG / (Handmade personalized gifts, embroidery)

MULLIGAN GEAR COMPANY / (Golf clothing and related items)

OGHAM ART / (inscripted jewelry)

SARAH MAGUIRE’S / (unique Irish gifts and one of a kind peat incense)

UK GOURMET / (Food From England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales)

Saturday Only:

MOLLY and MURPHY / (All Natural Irish Horse & Dog Biscuits)

Sunday Only:

O’REILLY’S IRISH GIFTS / (gifts,  clothing, china, throws, jewelry)

KEY TRAVEL CONCEPTS / (Group trips to Ireland)


Food Vendors:

Aurora’s Gypsy Cafe /

Green Grunion / Green Grunion

Meat the Press / MeatThePress

Ralph the Ice Cream Man